Benefits of a Portable Crib

Advantages of a Portable Crib

One of the safest and comfortable places to put the baby to sleep or play is in a portable crib, an infant bed designed to hold a baby in a contained environment and space at home or when traveling. There are various benefits of portable cribs that make them the greatest choice when choosing an infant bed. These include;

Portable cribs are designed in such a way that they are small in size which reduces the space they occupy especially for small home owners, light weighted, easy to carry and move around even when travelling and also easy to set up . This makes them ideal for parents and eases infant monitoring.

Long lasting
Portable cribs are strongly constructed which increases their overall lifespan and durability. This reduces the costs required to replace one.

Guaranteed safety
To avoid an increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome, portable cribs are designed with a firm fitting mattress and sheets that reduce the risk of the baby suffocating as a result of covering by oversized sheets or getting trapped in between the crib and mattress.

Portable cribs are also fitted with a mosquito net that allows proper ventilation that reduces the risk of the baby suffocating, protects the baby from being bitten by biting insects and also aids in visual monitoring the baby.

Ensures comfortof the baby
One of the factors that determine how long babies sleep in their comfortability. Portable cribs are fitted with mattresses that are thick enough to hold the baby which increases their comfortability and thus their sleeping time making them ideal.

Portable cribs apart from being used as a sleeping bed for babies, they can also be used as an awesome play space since they are contained.

Easy to clean and wash
Portable baby cribs are easy to clean as they are fitted with removable sheets and mattress making them efficient especially after the baby’s diaper has leaked or after throwing up.

Portable cribs occur in different forms and when choosing which one to purchase, there are various particulars to look for in one. These include;

Portable cribs are designed in different sizes all depending on the age, size, and weight of a baby. Therefore, it is important to choose a portable crib that is ideal for the baby which will ensure their comfortability when asleep and when playing.

Ease during set up and dismantling
It is important to choose a portable crib that is not time-consuming during set up especially when the baby is really tired and wants to sleep. The portable crib should also be easy to dismantle when not in use.

Light weighted
A convenient and easy to use portable crib should not be bulky and heavy to carry or move around within the house or even when traveling.

Materials used to make the crib
This is an important feature to look for in a portable crib as some materials and chemicals used to make cribs are toxic thus posing health risks to the developing baby. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase a safe portable crib that is certified not to be toxic.

Crib safety
An ideal crib, apart from having a protective mosquito net, mesh, and well-fixed mattress, it should also be stable and have lockable wheels to prevent it from falling over and injuring the baby.

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