17 sets vane savers, 4 alcohol wipes, 2 single cord cleats [23 pieces]

17 Sets Clear Vane Savers, 4 Alcohol Wipes & 2 Single Cord Cleats. 23 Pieces For Vertical Blind Repairs and Safety Kit. All You Need to Clean, Fix Holes and Keep Cords Away From Kids and Pets.

  • The HomeAmore Full Package Vane Saver Kit includes everything you need to complete the job.
  • Package includes 17 clear Vane Hole Repair Tabs, 4 USA made Individually Packaged Alcohol Wipes and 2 Single Cord Cleat Wall Hold-downs.
  • Save the Enviroment by Repairing the broken holes instead of throwing out the entire set of Blinds.
  • Trying to match your old blinds with a new set is Challenging. Old vanes fade or is discolored in the sun making it very difficult to match design and color.
  • Easy to use and more cost effective. The clear tabs easily blend with all color vanes.

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