Condenser, Cord, Tassel [single] – 1 set pack [3pc], 3 sets pack [9pc]

HomeAmore 3 Sets Breakaway Cords, Condensers and Tassels. Shorten and Manage Long Dangling Unsightly Chords. Piece of Mind Safety for Your Young Family.

This Bundle Consists Of (3) Cord Condensers, (3) 36″ White Cord s And (3) Designer Tassels. -Easy Update For Older Blinds, Gives It A “Face Lift” As Well As Safety Features. -The Condenser Reduces Multiple Blind Cords (up to 4) To A Single Cord That Can Be Shortened To the Desired Length. -The Safety Condenser Will Break Open To Avoid Strangulation If Too Much Pressure is Detected. -Adult Supervision Is Recommended At All Times When Kids And Pets Are Near Window Blinds. Always Keep Cords Away From Them.

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