9pc Pack = Safety lock 2pks [8 locks, 2 keys] + 1 LED night light

HomeAmore Safety Locks Bundle (8 Locks plus 2 Keys) & 1 LED Portable Light (uses 3AAA, Not Included. Unsecured Cupboards Are Accidents Waiting To Happen. Secure Cupboards That Hold Dangerous Goods.

.With 3M Sticky Tape, Every Component of The Locking System Is Securely Attached To Your Cabinets. -Totally hidden from view yet effectively prevents toddlers and little people from opening cupboards where poisonous cleaning products and medicines are Sometimes stored. -Child Proofing Your Home is Top Priority For Most Concerned Parents. So It Should Be For You. -No Need To Drill into your Cupboard or Wall To Install These Safety Locks. Simply Peel And Stick. -The LED Nite Lite is very Handy to Have. It is actually quite Bright and Uses 3 AAA Batteries (Not Included) The on/off Switch Means You Don’t Have To Feel Your Way Around.

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