5pc Pack = Safety lock 1pk [4 locks, 1 key] + 1 LED night light

HomeAmore Magnetic Safety Locks (4 Locks, 1 Key) & One LED Nite Light (Uses 3 AAA Batteries, Not Included). Protect Your Kids, Safely Child Proof Your Home Today.

With 3M Sticky Tape, Every Component of The Locking System Is Securely Attached To Your Cabinets. -Totally hidden from view yet effectively prevents toddlers and little people from opening cupboards where poisonous cleaning products and medicines are Sometimes stored. -Child Proofing Your Home is Top Priority For Most Concerned Parents. So It Should Be For You. -No Need To Drill into your Cupboard or Wall To Install These Safety Locks. Simply Peel And Stick. -The LED Nite Lite is very Handy to Have. It is actually quite Bright and Uses 3 AAA Batteries (Not Included) The on/off Switch Means You Don’t Have To Feel Your Way Around.

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