Tassels, Condenser - Variety Pack – 2 Bell, 2 Cylinder, 2 Trapezoid, 2 Cylinder Condensers, 2 Designer

HomeAmore Tassels - Variety [10 Pack] 5 Different Designs That is Right for All Your Horizontal Blinds. Updating Your Safety Cord Tassels Has Never Been Easier. Do It Now.

Breakaway child safe tassels that separates to avoid possible strangulation. Perfect for 2 cords (small) blinds or 4 cords (large) blinds Commercial quality for blind manufacturing factories in the USA and worldwide. Made with high quality plastic for endurance, durability and appearance. These clear tassels are perfect for all color blinds and all types of horizontal blinds. Shipped to you nicely packaged in zip lock bag inside a cardboard box. Note: Wood tassels may crack and the paint may peel off over time if washed in liquid, plastic will not.

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