All About Blind Tassels

Eloquently described blind tassels are the component that sits on the end of the pull cord used to manouver blinds. Blind tassels can be found in an array of materials, such as wood, plastic and metal and provide both practical and decorative advantages.

Blinds are becoming an increasingly effective practical solution in most homes due to the more frequent use of them at the expense of curtains, meaning the blind tassels are important to consider because of this. With the property industry dominated with rental properties, there has come a greater demand for the use of blinds which are deemed as more practical and cost effective for potential tenants. When considering the purchase of blind tassels, a customer must take into account a number of factors including measurements and design in order to purchase the best product for their home.

What is perhaps most important to consider is the fact that blind tassels act as a child-safety mechanism. Should your child at any point get caught amongst the cord, the pressure causes the tassel to separate meaning that the cord cannot get hooked upon your child. As such, it is vital to ensure that when you have blinds fitted, blind tassels are picked out and safely secured onto the cord.

Often regarded as the ‘final touch’, blind tassels are a simple, cost effective purchase and can be found with ease in many home depot/DIY style stores. It really does not cost much and is an absolutely vital purchase for your blinds to bring the purchase all together.

On the slightly pricier end of the spectrum you can seek out metal blind tassels which are both weighter and more expensive. offers a ‘Bali Metal Teardrop Shaped Tassel’ for $8.99 that suits a maximum cord size of 1.4mm. Similarly, from you can find metal blind tassels from as little as $4.

If metal is not the material for you, then plastic is certainly a great alternative and are available in some places for less than a dollar! An absolute steal on that front, they are probably the most common form of blind tassels and you will find them on the end of many blind cords. offers blind tassels such as the ‘Plastic Tassel for Horizontal Blinds’ for just $0.49 that fit a cord size of up to 2.7mm in a variety of colours. In fact, this company alone offers a huge selection of differently shaped plastic blind tassels with options to fit cords significantly larger.

Another popular choice of blind tassels is that of wooden tassels. Again, these can be found in an array of different designs from both the generic, to the quirkier while sitting at a very affordable price in between the metal and the plastic offering. offers a ‘Carved Pecan’ wood tassel for $1.99 which fits a cord size of up to 3.6mm.

Interestingly with a lot of companies, it would appear that offers are available for bulk purchases meaning that it is incredibly easy to buy these for a great price, in all materials. On websites such as and, you can easily find a number of sources that provide excellent offers on buying these in bulk, and in a number of designs. It should be noted that companies such as eBay are excellent when it comes to fishing out good offers on bespoke pieces also!

However, if out of the box is more your style, it should be noted that plain is not always the way. Perhaps one of the biggest benefit of blind tassels is the array of distinctive designs that can be found. If your home omits a greater personality and calls for something a little more unique, it really is not hard to find a style that will suit you and some places will even offer bespoke pieces to ensure that even the finer details are taken care of. On you can find a number of these customised blind tassels in order to make sure attention to detail is second to none.

With all of the above in mind, there are great options available for any prospective customer wishing to purchase top notch blind tassels to match their newly installed blinds or simply to replace existing blind tassels. By considering all these things, you should definitely be able to find the right product to get the best out of your blinds.

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