Features to Consider When Purchasing a Portable Crib

Key Features for a Portable Crib

Portable cribs are designed in such a way that they provide an ideal and safe environment for holding infants especially when sleeping and playing either at home, travelling or camping. There are various different types of portable cribs and it is important to take into consideration various factors and features before buying a portable crib. These include;

Fast and easy to assemble and disassembleSetting up a portable crib can be difficult especially during the first few attempts. The ideal portable crib should be flexible, simple and easy to assemble within a few minutes when in use and also it should be easy to pack it away when not in use.


This is an important consideration to take into account before purchasing a portable crib. It is crucial to ensure that the portable crib is small and light weighted which makes it easy to carry around when traveling especially when the carrying space is limited.
Also, the portable crib mattress should be easily adjustable and easy to fold for easy portability.


This is an important feature to consider especially during infant sleeping and playing and hence it is important to find a portable crib that comes with a firm mattress which is thick enough and comfortable to hold the babies weight. Thin portable crib mattresses tend to sag due to the infant’s weight reducing comfortability and may require the purchase of a second mattress to increase comfortability.

Safety of the Portable Crib

The infant safety always comes first and in choosing a portable crib, it is important to consider one that has a firmly fixed mattress which is not too soft and with very minimal or no space between the mattress and the sides of the crib. This helps reduce the chances of the infant falling into the space between the mattress and crib which can result in infant suffocation and death.

The portable crib sheets should fit properly and should not be oversized as this increases the chances of the baby folding in them which can lead to strangulation and suffocation.

The ideal crib should contain a mosquito net and canopy for sunscreen. This protects the baby from harmful biting insects and sun rays increasing the safety of the baby.

The portable crib should have proper ventilation with a breathable mesh on the sides which ensures proper airflow reducing the chances of suffocation.

Proper air flow also reduces the temperatures inside the portable crib making the infant feel comfortable while sleeping or playing.


An ideal portable crib should be zipped from the front area as this ensures easy access into the crib when either putting the baby into the crib or when carrying the baby out. This also reduces the chances of straining the back when trying to get the baby or put it back.

Age of the baby

Portable cribs come in different sizes depending on the age and size of the baby. Therefore, it is important to choose the right crib that works best for your child.

Among the best portable cribs in the market currently that possess the above features are the eagle smart front access portable crib that is economical, simple to use, convenient and perfect for the baby. It is therefore highly recommended.


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