Flexible Mini Tripod

Flexible Mini Tripod, Mini, Lightweight, Compact, Bendable and Portable.

For Travel, Picnic, Sports and Events. Fit in Pockets, Handbags and Purses. Grips Tight.

  • Designed for small digital cameras and video recorders.
  • Unique pliable rubberized legs securely holds onto all types of objects.
  • Includes Universal 1/4″ – 20 screw mount link attachment, quick release for ease of use.
  • Eliminates camera shake for that perfect “no blur” shot.
  • Fits Canon, Nikon, Samsung, Kodak, Pentax, Panasonic, Sony, JVC, Casio, Toshiba, Fujifilm, Olympus, Leica, Lumix…

Lightweight Tripod with Rotating Head with Quick Release Link Attachment.

Enhance Your Photography Experience Now with our Flexible Mini Tripod!

* Does your Mini Tripod have difficulty supporting your small Digital Camera?

* Do the leg(s) of your Flexible Tripod break off or pop out?

* Is your Tripod made of plastic that bends and breaks under the weight of a little Camera?

Introducing Your Very Own Personal Pocket Size Flexible Mini Tripod, the solution to your Tripod needs.

* Designed to grip strong and tight.

* The legs are built with Wrought Aluminum for strength and stability and are encased in pliable rubber to grip tight around objects.

* This Flexible Mini Tripod supports Cameras with lens up to 700 grams.

* There are no joints to break or snap off.

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Smartphone Mount

Video Mount

Perfect for on the go for light weight cameras and devices!

I’ve been carrying this little tripod with me as I travel back and forth from state to state in my work as a professional photographer. It has been a great accessory to my small cameras that I use for fun and for my cell phone (with the Smart Phone Mount). It easily fits in my bag so it goes everywhere with me.

The directions state the max load weight is 35.2 oz. I would not trust this small tripod with my pro cameras and their heavy lenses. However, it’s a great choice for small point & shoot, video & cell phone style camera’s. The heavier the camera, the more care I would take with choosing the kind of surface that I use to hold my precious camera/phone.

The head is the part that holds your camera onto the tripod. This one is a ball & socket style, allowing you to rotate the camera 360 degrees. It also has a single slot that will allow you to change the camera from horizontal to portrait direction. There is a single easily managed screw to adjust and freeze the head in position for your shot.

The quick-release pad on the tripod head is effective and easy to use. You can screw the little mount pad to your camera for quick access to the tripod (on the fly). It allows you to add or remove the camera to the tripod quickly and easily. The locking mechanism is a simple design controlled by a screw under the pad that has a little handle for adjustment. The screw allows the mechanism to lock or free up the removable quick release pad that holds your camera. The pad has a universal 1/4″ screw mount ready for your camera or this company’s smartphone mount.

The legs are firm so bending them takes effort, which is desirable; to be sure that the tripod will hold still for your camera protection; and for the perspective and shot that you desire! The legs are aluminum covered with rubber grippers. They are pretty sturdy and will give you steadiness in uneven surfaces as well as optional more creative surfaces such as chair rails. Always test the weight of the camera with the tripod for steadiness before you use a surface that is off the ground or table.

This little tripod is a great addition to expand your creativity and perspective in your images and video’s. I recommend this flexible tripod.

This pocket-sized mini-tripod is a good addition to my camera kit & works in tight …
By  Sandy
This pocket-sized mini-tripod is a good addition to my camera kit & works in tight spaces or when the full-sized tripod is too cumbersome. Works well on uneven surfaces and can be wrapped around tree branches. Paired with the separate cell phone adapter, you can use it to take group shots (and actually be IN the picture) and selfies. I’ve even used it to hold.

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