Cell Phone Car Holder Mount

Cell Phone Car Holder Mount for iPhone Samsung LG Phones with CD Slots 4-6 mm. Go Hands Free Now.

  • KNOW THE LAW: Do not purchase if this devise is illegal in your state.
  • PERFECT LOCATION: Best for for Hands Free Use and Convenience.
  • SAFETY: Know where your Mobile is at all times.
  • BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL : This Handsome adapter enhances many dashboards.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Perfect for iphones 4 5 6 (not 6plus), smaller Samsung, LG, Nokia and other brands

Cell Phone Holder for CD Slot – Deluxe Quality Universal Designer Car Smart Phone Holder

* Know where your Cell Phone is at all times with this Designer CD Player Smart Phone Holder.

* Keeping your eyes on the road must not be compromised. Avoid Distractions such as Using or Searching for Your phone.

* Does your Cell Phone fall off the holder when driving?

* Is the arm of your mobile phone holder made of plastic that weakens over time?

Introducing the designer CD player Cell Phone Holder, the answer to your phone placement needs.

The KyJyGy car Cell Phone Holder fits snugly and securely in your car CD Player and will not fall out!

All Amazon Shoppers know and Trust the KyJyGy brand of products sold by Eagle Smart Accessories!

* The Silver Plastic Spring Loaded phone Holder fits all cell phones 2.10” to 2.99” wide.

* The sturdy Arm is built with Aluminum for Strength and Durability and will withstand temperature fluctuations.

* Designed and Engineered to blend perfectly in your vehicle.

Your purchase is protected by our solid 30 days money back Guarantee! We cannot guarantee this Special Pricing.

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Snug fit for this solid CD Slot Car Phone Holder, no wiggles!

The KyJyGy Car Phone Holder is perfect. Here’s what you want: a device that stays put and is SOLID. You can touch the cell phone surface or buttons to find that there is no wiggle. The spring loaded holder will adjust for all kinds of cell phone sizes. Installation is a breeze and you can fine tune the fit with sized clips that make the fit perfectly snug. It will NOT fly out of placement on a hairy turn and the cell phone will stay put. You can change the angle of your view of the cell phone from portrait to horizontal. The ball and socket connection from the phone holder to the base unit allows for incremental fine tune adjustments for your own viewing perfection (making it fully adjustable). Also this holder will not obstruct your view of the road. It’s solid enough to seem like it belongs to the vehicle. The one thing that you have to do is remember to take your phone with you after the trip is over. Right?

Note that you can play your CD’s with this cell phone holder in place. You do have to remove it to insert and remove the CD’s but its so well made that it is no problem.

I have a history of trying all kinds devices to find an intelligent holder for my smart phone while I’m driving. I travel frequently so I need the GPS app most of the time and having the phone on my lap has been awkward. I tried one car phone holder that is supposed to stick into the air vents. Everything, including my cell phone, went flying across the front seats when I took a slow sharp corner turn. Then there is the one with skinny “legs” that broke off in my CD player. I have invested in lots of failed attempts to do what the KyJyGy does so well.

I highly recommend this CD Slot Car Phone Holder. It is well made of Aluminum Alloy, ABS plastic and metal. It is surprisingly adjustable and holds it’s position. You can fine tuned it to your liking. As I said above, it is solid and secure in it’s position. This also solves the “hands free” requirement. My mission is over and I’m finally happy to have this solid solution to my former dilemma.

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